Hilltop’s interdisciplinary team of professionals includes health services researchers, clinicians, economists, attorneys, statisticians, social scientists, computer programmers, data scientists, and data analysts. Staff expertise includes Medicaid, long-term services and supports, program development and evaluation, in-depth complex data analytics, research methods, public policy analysis, health services research, economics, and health care administration.

Executive Office

Photo of Cynthia Woodcock

Cynthia H. Woodcock

Executive Director
Photo of Alice Middleton

Alice Middleton

Chief of Staff
Photo of Jim Clavin

Jim Clavin

Chief Technology and Compliance Officer
Photo of Sanya Clark

Sanya Clark

Project Coordinator/Editor
Photo of Lisa Manley

Lisa Manley

Administrative Assistant II
Photo of Sara Rolf

Sara Rolf

Program Management Specialist
Photo of Marsha Willis

Marsha Willis

Senior Policy Analyst
Organizational Advancement

Health Reform Studies

Photo of Laura Spicer

Laura Spicer

Director, Health Reform Studies
Photo of Katherine Bentley

Katherine Bentley

Policy Analyst
Photo of Alexis Smirnow

Alexis Smirnow

Senior Policy Analyst
Photo of Brenna Tan

Brenna Tan

Policy Analyst

Medicaid Policy Studies

Photo of David Idala

David Idala

Director, Medicaid Policy Studies
Photo of Charles Bentley

Charles Betley

Senior Policy Analyst
Photo of Shamis Mohamoud

Shamis Mohamoud

Senior Policy Analyst
Photo of Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Policy Analyst
Photo of Christopher Yeiser

Christopher Yeiser

Policy Analyst

Aging and Disability Studies

Photo of Ian Stockwell

Ian Stockwell

Director, Aging and Disability Studies
Photo of Stephanie Cannon-Jones

Stephanie Cannon-Jones

Senior Policy Analyst
Photo of Fei Han

Fei Han

Policy Analyst
Photo of Morgan Henderson

Morgan Henderson

Policy Analyst
Photo of MaryAnn Mood

MaryAnn Mood

Senior Policy Analyst
Photo of Colleen Pelser

Colleen Pelser

Senior Policy Analyst

Rate Setting

Photo of Duane Glossner

Duane Glossner

Director, Rate Setting
Photo of Dawn M. Aul

Dawn M. Aul

Senior Programmer
Photo of Tao Korangkool

Tao Korangkool

Photo of Dolly Mitra

Dolly Mitra

Senior Rate Analyst
Photo of Bruce Sun

Bruce Sun

Rate Analyst

Research and Financial Studies

S. Hamid Fakhraei

Director, Research and Financial Studies

Information Systems and Programming

Photo of Jack Clark

Jack Clark

Senior Programmer
Co-Team Leader
Photo of Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

Senior Programmer
Co-Team Leader
Photo of Paula Henning

Paula Henning

Senior Programmer
Photo of Peter LaMarsh

Peter LaMarsh

Senior Programmer
Photo of Jayne Miller

Jayne Miller

Senior Programmer
Photo of Brittney Zylstra

Brittney Zylstra

Senior Programmer

Technology Innovation

Photo of Laura Humber

Laura Humber

Data Visualization Developer
Photo of Kirsten Madison

Kirsten Madison

Project Coordinator
Photo of Kevin R. Pyles

Kevin Pyles

Photo of Jennifer Reitz

Jennifer Reitz

Project Coordinator
Photo of Frank Salah

Frank Salah

Data Manager
Photo of Andrea Schumacher

Andrea Schumacher

Senior Project Manager

Business Office

Photo of Ki So

Ki So

Director, Grants, Contracts, and Administration
Photo of Adrienne Brown

Adrienne Brown

Business Manager
Photo of Denise Plummer

Denise Plummer

Accounting Associate