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Community Benefit State Law Profiles

A 50-State Survey of State Community Benefit Laws through the Lens of the ACA

The Hilltop Institute’s Community Benefit State Law Profiles (Profiles) present a comprehensive analysis of each state’s community benefit landscape as defined by its laws, regulations, tax exemptions, and, in some cases, policies and activities of state executive agencies. The Profiles organize these state-level legal frameworks by the major categories of federal community benefit requirements found in §9007 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), §501(r) of the Internal Revenue Code. View the Profiles

Hilltop Chart Books

Each year, Hilltop prepares chart books for the Maryland Department of Health describing demographics, service utilization, and costs for various Medicaid programs. View the Chart Books.


Maryland Medicaid eHealth Statistics

Maryland Medicaid eHealth Statistics, available to the public, provides data on Medicaid eligibility by age, coverage group, and managed care organization. This site provides researchers, community leaders, practitioners, and the public at large with ready access to up-to-date eligibility data.

Maryland Medicaid Data Requests

Hilltop specializes in working with Medicaid data, and maintains a secure, HIPAA-compliant data repository containing Maryland Medicaid administrative data. We collaborate with other researchers on projects involving these data with the permission of the Department of Health. To request to use Maryland Medicaid data, go to the Maryland Department of Health data request page.

The Maryland Medicaid Decision Support System

The Maryland Medicaid Decision Support System (DSS), only available to authorized users at the Maryland Department of Health and managed care organizations, provides password-protected web-based access to Maryland Medicaid data, including payment, eligibility, and service data by recipient and provider. Request access.

Hilltop continues to work remotely, so please reach us by email. You can find our team members’ email addresses by going to their bios located on the Teams page of our website.