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One Year Later, Where Are the "Transparency in Coverage" Compliance Studies?

In this article in the Health Affairs Forefront series, Hilltop Principal Data Scientist Morgan Henderson and Policy Analyst Morgane Mouslim posit that the reason there are no compliance studies is not because of lack of interest but because of the complexity of the landscape to which the regulation applies. Read the article online.


Comparison of Hospital Online Price and Telephone Price for Shoppable Services

How well do US hospitals’ online prices posted for shoppable services correlate with their prices for the same service obtained via the telephone? In this cross-sectional study of 60 US hospitals, online and phone cash prices were poorly correlated within a given hospital for vaginal childbirth. These findings suggest that at US hospitals, price estimates for shoppable services posted online correlate poorly with prices obtained via phone; these findings suggest that patients will continue to face barriers to comparison shopping.

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Summary Report: Assistance in Community Integration Services (ACIS) Program Assessment, CY 2018 to CY 2021

Assistance in Community Integration Services (ACIS) is a pilot program that is operated under Maryland’s §1115 demonstration waiver for HealthChoice, the state’s Medicaid managed care program launched in 1997. Under this pilot, the state provides a set of home and community-based services (HCBS) to a population that meets certain needs-based health and housing eligibility criteria. This summary report discusses ACIS program goals, eligibility criteria, services, and participating lead entities, followed by the study objectives, research methodology, key findings, and study limitations.

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