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Health Home Program Evaluation: CY 2013 to CY 2018

This report is an update to the 2018 Health Home Evaluation Report and the 2015 Joint Chairmen’s Report on Patient Outcomes for Participants in Health Homes. Its purpose is to describe the characteristics and outcomes of participants in the Maryland Health Home program. The Maryland Health Home program for individuals with chronic conditions builds on statewide efforts to integrate somatic and behavioral health services.

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Maryland Department of Health Master Agreement Annual Report of Activities and Accomplishments: FY 2020

This report describes the services The Hilltop Institute provided to the Maryland Department of Health (the Department) under the Master Agreement between Hilltop and the Department. The report covers fiscal year (FY) 2020 (July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020). Hilltop’s interdisciplinary staff provided a wide range of services, including: Medicaid program development and policy analysis; HealthChoice program support, evaluation, and financial analysis; long-term services and supports program development, policy analysis, and financial analytics; and data management and web-accessible database development.

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Predictive Modeling Suite: How We Do It

View this timeline to see the process Hilltop followed to develop and implement the Hilltop Pre-AH Model.

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