Maryland Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries: CY 2010 to CY 2012 A Chart Book


The Maryland Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries Chart Book provides an overview of Maryland dual-eligible beneficiaries with breakdowns by benefit category, age, race, gender, and county of residence; the cost to Medicare and Medicaid of providing care to this population; and the prevalence and costs of chronic health conditions. The chart book is the most recent edition in Hilltop’s chart book series, which includes publications on Medicaid long-term services and supports in Maryland and Medicaid services for individuals with traumatic brain injury and autism.

Related publications: Maryland Full-Benefit Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries’ Use of Medicare and Medicaid Services Preceding and Following a Medicare Inpatient Stay, An Analysis of Selected Mental Health Conditions among Maryland Full-Benefit Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries, and Characteristics of Maryland Full-Benefit Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries with Three or More Inpatient Stays.

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