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Long-Term Services and Supports Policy and Research

What We Do: The Hilltop Institute works with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Maryland Department of Aging to develop new Medicaid long-term care delivery and financing models for people with chronic conditions and disabilities. Much of this support is provided to the Older Adults Waiver and the Living at Home Waiver, which were initiated under the federal Home and Community-Based Services waiver program. Hilltop is currently assisting Maryland with the implementation of its federally sponsored Money Follows the Person program-developing business processes and a web-based tracking system and conducting program-related research and analysis.

Hilltop worked with the New Mexico Human Services Department to develop Mi Vía, a Medicaid self-directed waiver program under the federal government's Independence Plus initiative, and worked with them to develop a Medicaid managed long-term care waiver program called Coordinated Long-Term Services (CoLTS). Hilltop assisted the Rhode Island Department of Human Services in their planning efforts to transform Rhode Island's community-based long-term services and supports system. Hilltop is also evaluating New Jersey's Long-Term Care Systems Transformation Grant funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Hilltop has contributed to the debate on long-term care through issue briefs on Medicaid consumer-directed health purchasing and Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans.

Hilltop evaluated Senior Friendly Neighborhoods in northwest Baltimore, one of four federally funded naturally occurring retirement communities. In partnership with the federally funded Aging and Disability Resource Centers and the Maryland Department on Aging, Hilltop developed Maryland Access Point, a web-based, single point-of-entry portal providing comprehensive information for consumers on long-term care resources in the state.

Hilltop specializes in the collection, maintenance, and analysis of long-term care data from Medicare and Medicaid, and the analysis and refinement of data from the federal government's Minimum Data Set. Hilltop has a particular interest in persons who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid and how coverage under both of these insurance programs impacts utilization, service delivery, and costs. Hilltop researchers have recently developed The Hilltop Crossover Framework, which provides a context to examine the relationship between Medicare and Medicaid claims for those persons who are eligible for both programs.

How We Can Help: Hilltop helps the federal government, states, local governments, and foundations develop new delivery and financing models for Medicaid long-term services and supports that encourage community-based alternatives to institutional care. Hilltop can assist clients in building their capacity to implement quality, cost-effective programs, as well as designing data management systems that facilitate assessment of program performance and costs.

For more information, contact:
Cynthia H. Woodcock, Executive Director