Work in Other States

Hilltop has been engaged in major projects to transform or evaluate LTSS systems in New Mexico, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Mississippi. In Mississippi, we worked with FEi to develop an integrated LTSS system; we provided consultation, analysis, and technical assistance to the state as FEi constructed the system. We conducted longitudinal analysis in order to identify patterns and trends using many different techniques and data sources, conducted financial analyses, and provided data-driven policy guidance across the many facets of Mississippi’s rebalancing efforts.

Hilltop also conducted the first formal evaluation of New Mexico’s State Coverage Insurance (SCI) program and adapted the Hilltop Health Care Reform Simulation Model to project New Mexico’s costs and savings associated with implementing health reform.

Medicaid LTSS in Mississippi: Claims Data, 2010-2014. A Chart Book. Abridged.

New Jersey Care Partner Support Pilot Program: Final Report

New Mexico Health Care Reform Fiscal Model: Detailed Analysis and Methodology

Rhode Island Real Choices Long-Term Services and Supports Resource Mapping Final Report

Rhode Island Rebalancing Model

Rhode Island Real Choices Long-Term Services and Supports Resource Mapping

Small Business Participation in the New Mexico State Coverage Insurance Program: Evaluation Results

The New Mexico Salud! Program: Assessment of Access to Care and Quality of Care for Children with Asthma and Adults with Diabetes