Micro-Targeted Computerized Alcohol Misuse Intervention System for Health Care Study


Alcohol misuse has been identified as a major public health problem in the United States. However, although not yet widely adopted, alcohol screening and brief intervention (SBI) in the primary care setting has been shown to reduce problematic alcohol consumption.

In order to facilitate SBI for alcohol misuse, Research Circle Associates (RCA), a Maryland-based research firm, obtained a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant to develop a computerized SBI for use in the primary care setting. The Interventionaire© is a software system used to create and administer patient-based behavioral screening questionnaires and provide normative feedback to patients immediately upon completion of the questionnaire. Following successful proof-of-concept work in Phase I of the STTR, RCA contracted with The Hilltop Institute to conduct a qualitative analysis to address one specific aim of a larger Phase II implementation study: identify staff-perceived barriers to implementing the Interventionaire© in the primary care setting.

This report not only identifies staff-perceived barriers to implementing a computerized alcohol SBI tool in a primary care setting, but also identifies potential facilitators and explores anticipated advantages and disadvantages to implementation.

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