Price Transparency

Data User Agreement

Terms of Use

These terms and conditions (“terms”) govern the release and use of the price transparency data (“data”) made available to each requestor (“you”) from this site operated by The Hilltop Institute (“Hilltop”). You may use the data only in accordance with these terms.  Any other use is a violation of this agreement and may, in Hilltop’s sole discretion, result in revocation of the agreement, prohibition from using the data, and other legal remedies.

Redistribution Term

You will not redistribute the data without Hilltop’s permission. You may publish a subset of the data to meet academic journal requirements for peer-reviewed publication. Contact us for permission for any other redistribution; we will consider requests for free redistribution.

Citation Term

You will cite the data appropriately. You agree to include the following acknowledgement in all articles, press releases, or other publications in which data obtained from this site are published. Such acknowledgement shall reference only the specific data obtained from this site and no other data. “The data set forth at [INSERT REFERENCE TO LOCATION OF DATA OBTAINED FROM THIS SITE] of publication/press release was obtained from The Hilltop Institute’s website.” You must also use the following citation:

Henderson, M., & Mouslim, M. (2023). The Hilltop Institute Hospital Price Transparency Data Set: Version 1. Baltimore, MD: UMBC.

Data Protection

You will not use—intentionally or unintentionally—any of the data released to you in a manner contrary to—or in violation of—applicable law, such as laws pertaining to data protection or privacy. You will not use this site in any manner that could harm, infect, take over, disable, overburden, or otherwise impair any of the computer systems used for this site, including the servers, networks, or other components connected to or used for this site. Hilltop reserves the right to pursue all available remedies or other legal action as a result of your violation of these terms.