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The Hilltop Institute periodically posts news items and issues electronic bulletins to disseminate information about Hilltop activities and publications. Below are the three most recent. Go to the News and Bulletin Archive, below, to view previous posts.

Bulletin: Cash Prices for Emergency Room Facility Fees Vary with Hospital and Regional Characteristics

The cash prices for emergency room (ER) “facility fees” are associated with various hospital and regional characteristics, new research from The Hilltop Institute at UMBC shows. The study—conducted by Principal Data Scientist Morgan Henderson, PhD, and Policy Analyst Morgane Mouslim, ScM, DVM, and published in the July issue of Health Affairs—uses newly released “standard charge” data, now available because of a 2021 hospital price transparency regulation mandating that almost all hospitals across the country disclose previously confidential data on the prices that they charge for the items and services they provide.

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Hilltop Researchers Present at 2022 AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting

Hilltop staff presented at the 2022 AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting (ARM) held June 4-7, 2022, in Washington DC. The ARM is the gathering place for individuals leading the charge to transform delivery systems and health care in a rapidly changing landscape.

Principal Data Scientist Morgan Henderson, PhD, presented a poster titled Medicaid Expansion Studies: Why Do Net Cost Estimates Differ So Much? In addition, he served as an expert on a panel that discussed working in the field of health services research. Data Scientist Leigh Goetschius, PhD, presented a poster titled Evaluating the Impact of Geographic Granularity for Area-Based Social Determinants of Health When Predicting Avoidable Hospital Events. To view the presentations, click on the titles.


Bulletin: Hilltop Estimates the Cost of Expanding Medicaid in Mississippi

The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) gave states the option to expand Medicaid eligibility to individuals with incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL). To date, 38 states and the District of Columbia have chosen to expand Medicaid; Mississippi is 1 of the 12 states that have not chosen to do so. To provide more information for Mississippi policymakers in their deliberations on this issue, the Center for Mississippi Health Policy commissioned The Hilltop Institute to conduct a study to estimate the effects of a hypothetical Medicaid expansion on Mississippi’s Medicaid program, state costs, health services providers, and wider state economy.

Hilltop’s study, titled The Economic Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Mississippi, 2023–2028is presented in a full technical report and a summary report. In addition, a literature review has been published. The research team included Principal Data Scientist Morgan Henderson, PhD; Principal Policy Analyst Charles Betley, MA; Chief Data Scientist Ian Stockwell, PhD; Deputy Director Alice Middleton, JD; Policy Analyst Matthew Clark, MPH; and Executive Director Cynthia Woodcock, MBA. The Center for Mississippi Health Policy also published an issue brief that summarizes the study findings.

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