The Hilltop Institute
Picture of The Hilltop Institute's building (Sondheim Hall) and the Commons at UMBC.
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Executive Office

Cynthia H. Woodcock, Executive Director

Lisa Manley, Administrative Assistant II
Sara Rolf, Program Management Specialist
Sanya Rusticelli, Project Coordinator
Marsha Willis, Senior Policy Analyst

Research and Financial Studies

S. Hamid Fakhraei, Director, Research and Financial Studies

Special Research Studies

Michael Abrams, Director, Special Research Studies
Reetu Verma, Policy Analyst

Health Reform Studies

Laura Spicer, Director, Health Reform Studies
Blair Inniss, Policy Analyst
Alexis Smirnow, Senior Policy Analyst
Brenna Tan, Policy Analyst

Medicaid Policy Studies

David Idala, Director, Medicaid Policy Studies
Charles Betley, Senior Policy Analyst
Jamie John, Policy Analyst
Shamis Mohamoud, Senior Policy Analyst
Christopher Yeiser, Policy Analyst

Long-Term Services and Supports Policy and Research

Ian Stockwell, Director, LTSS
Stephanie Cannon-Jones, Senior Policy Analyst
Fei Han, Policy Analyst
MaryAnn Mood, Policy Analyst
Kaitlyn Whiton, Policy Analyst

Rate Setting

Duane Glossner, Director, Rate Setting
Dawn M. Aul, Senior Programmer
Tao Korangkool, Programmer
Dolly Mitra, Senior Rate Analyst
Bruce Sun, Rate Analyst

Information Systems and Programming

Babi Lamba, Director, Information Systems and Programming
Teneil Brown, Programmer
Jack Clark, Senior Programmer
Paula Henning, Senior Programmer
John Malloch, Senior Programmer
Jayne Miller, Senior Programmer
Jennifer Smith, Senior Programmer
Brittney Zylstra, Programmer

Technology Innovation

Kevin R. Pyles, Programmer
Jennifer Reitz, Project Coordinator
Andrea Schumacher, Senior Project Manager

Business Office

Ki So, Director, Contracts, Grants, and Administration
Adrienne Brown, Business Manager
Denise Plummer, Accounting Associate