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Hilltop Releases ACA Regulation Summaries
and Other Health Reform Resources

The Hilltop Institute has just released the latest in a series of summaries of federal guidance issued pursuant to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Overview of the Final Rule on Medicaid, CHIP, and Exchanges provides a detailed yet concise summary of the rule issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on July 5, 2013, and highlights key changes to the regulation since the issuance of the proposed rule in January 2013.

The series of summaries, beginning with the proposed rule issued in January 2013, can be found on Hilltop’s Health Reform Resources web page, a new resource for states and others involved in the implementation of the ACA.

Click on the links to learn about Hilltop’s expertise, read corresponding documents, and connect with Hilltop’s experts in each of following areas:

  • Analyzing Federal Guidance, which contains Hilltop’s summaries of regulations and other guidance issued pursuant to the ACA.
  • Data management, Analysis, and Evaluation, which describes Hilltop’s expertise and contains examples of work in this area.
  • Continuity of Care, which includes the report of a study of continuity of care policy options to mitigate the impact of such coverage transitions. Hilltop partnered with the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange to engage stakeholders and conduct the study.
  • Simulation and Forecasting, which describes the Hilltop Health Care Reform Simulation Model and contains reports and projections of the costs and savings of implementing the ACA and the ways in which these factors affect the economies of Maryland and New Mexico. This page also contains a report on the costs and savings of Maryland’s Medicaid expansion.


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